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First and foremost, the stock photo needs to depict your product in a way that is easy for people to understand. But most importantly, you’re shooting it from an angle that doesn’t look like a photo of a standard product shot from your own camera.

As I mentioned in this article, shooting from a “standard angle” is the best way to shoot a stock photo accurately. However, for most photographers, I feel that shooting from a high angle is much better. With your camera angled in such a way that your product is seen clearly, you can more accurately capture the exact product in the photos you create.

Do you like that “stock” look? I’m guessing not.

I’m pretty sure that most of us have experienced the feeling of “the stock photo” – when our product is not taken from a real product and is shot with an odd angle. If you would like to get the best of both worlds, then I would recommend shooting stock photos in an un-stock style. Here is an example from my website. This is something I would recommend in creating a product page.

That said, as an editorial photographer, I must admit that stock photos have their place, depending on the market your product is in, your target audience, and if they really appreciate the look.

Why would you have a website?

I love website designs because they can be customized and updated with new designs in seconds. If you’d like to check out this awesome stock photo website design template you can find it on my website.

Why would you want to customize a stock photo design? Just like you can pick and customize a logo in Photoshop, you can pick and customize a stock photo in Photoshop too. The more you customize the stock photo, the easier it will be to create your stock photo.

What about photography stock photos?

Personally, I enjoy the variety of photography stock photos. With so many options and different types of photography photography and whatnot, it’s not a real challenge to be able to pick up a stock photo and make the image your own.

If this is the case for you, than I am really excited to hear what you think about the topic of photography stock photos! Just click here to take the survey for the survey, and share your ideas!

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