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A photo retoucher is someone who takes a picture of a business, and then digitally edits it. In the photo retoucher’s photos of a business, there appears to be a lot more going on than merely taking a picture.

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An example of the retouching techniques being used is found in a blog post from a professional retOUcher who describes how he and his team retouched this one-of-a-kind photo of a restaurant inside a mall:

When I first got my hands on the business, I was absolutely certain that this was one of the most extraordinary business I had ever come across. At first we thought that the restaurant was painted over, but a friend of a friend in the business challenged that, and they were right! This restaurant used only 3 layers of paint on the walls of its front and back of the building. So we used photo retoucher to get all of the walls in the photo retoucher’s photo to be painted over, making the entire thing look like a one-of-a-kind painting! In addition, our retouchers have created this stunning restaurant with its two separate entrances, which have been hidden within its interior. For the business, the doors to the back, which used to be where the customers entered and left, are now covered with photo retouchers’ painting techniques.

Other retoucher blog posts, such as ones by a group of retoucher artists, are often more visual in tone. One blog post that uses a photo of a business, taken in a natural surroundings, with a retoucher who specializes in creating a more realistic photo retouching technique:

A photo retoucher’s job isn’t to create the best Photoshop work of an image in one shot. His job is to get the photo to look like a real photo in which the photographer had no idea what the original image looked like. When you retouch pictures like this, you aren’t just adding colour, you are making the photo more realistic in every aspect. The photo retoucher adds detail to a photo and takes away what is not accurate in the photo of the business or location.

The retoucher does not need to be Photoshop proficient, but he or she should have a strong understanding of photo retouchers’ tools. This is the difference between Photoshop retoucher and a professional who uses retouching software. A retoucher’s job is to retouch a photo to make it look like the original

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