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The first test of President Trump’s immigration ban has taken place in the Middle East, as refugees fleeing Syria began entering the United States.

There are several hundred to 1,000 refugees who were prevented from entering the United States and the ban will extend to all refugees who were denied entry earlier in January.

After the order was signed, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and more than 80 nations immediately appealed to the world organization for a stay of Trump’s order, and the State Department issued a statement saying it would allow a refugee into the country if they could prove “that the person entering the country is as a direct result of, or in connection with, acts of terrorism.”
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In response, the State Department put up additional barriers to entry for those who were previously detained at US airports. The state department said that while it would not allow any refugees in until they could prove they were not engaged in terrorism, anyone whose “national origin or country of nationality has been denied entry” has now been banned.

For more on Trump’s refugee ban, we’re joined by Sara Sidner, who covers legal immigration, and Jethro Mullen, who covers national security.

Sara Sidner: Hi Jethro, welcome to Intercepted. Sara, welcome.

Jethro Mullen: Thanks.

Sara: You have to remember, this is the day after Donald Trump was inaugurated, and Trump is the president of the United States. We can’t pretend to know what he and his administration are planning, what the policies are going to be. We can only presume what he’s going to say, and for him to do that under this kind of circumstances, I think

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