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In some sense, yes. The process of painting a picture can be the most difficult of any art form and Photoshop has become known for it’s perfection in this realm.

However, this doesn’t make Photoshop a skill. There are certain things that can be done by using the software that are better than others and it’s an incredibly powerful tool but there’s still no single thing that’s right, wrong, or perfect for an artist.

In fact, you can use Photoshop at any time you want if you only think about artistic vision and your own personality is good enough.

Here’s our picks for 15 Photoshop tools you should start using.

1. Lightroom

If there was one photo editing tool that just went away a long time ago, you wouldn’t be alone in wanting to know why.

But there’s no wrong time to use Lightroom. When you want to capture all that you can of your pictures, Lightroom will save photos for you to analyze later.

Its interface is straightforward, but its features are the most powerful in Photoshop.

When you work with Lightroom, you can export your images to Adobe’s Creative Cloud service for use on any platform. This is great because you can also work in the cloud for free, with no monthly subscription fee.

For some, Lightroom is the right choice to keep around to analyze new photos or for a quick refresher after you’ve been gone for a while.

You should also consider using a Mac or Windows computer when working with Lightroom since you can use it on both.

For Photoshop or InDesign, you should buy a program with the same features Lightroom offers.


While GIMP may have long been the most popular photoshop alternative for Windows and Mac users, you should consider switching to GIMP for Linux users because of it’s feature-rich interface and better stability.

GIMP is an excellent tool for both beginners and professionals.

For beginners, it’s a powerful photoshop alternative with some of the most powerful functions and powerful tools available today.

For experts, GIMP has an amazing variety of filters, effects, layers, and layers and layers for you to design a beautiful image.

If you’re into graphic design, or any kind of creative process, GIMP is definitely the best Photoshop alternative to choose.

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3. Image Optimizer

Image Optimizer

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