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Yes. Corel’s Corel Painter is better than Photoshop’s, but it’s not exactly equal.

The Photoshop brush tool, as we’ve talked about before, is a bit clunky. There is no clear way to make the brush move, and even when you create a smooth brush animation it still isn’t a single-direction motion. Corel Paint tool, on the other hand, comes with the ability to create a single-direction, fluid brush animation, much like the original Corel Paint tool, and there is not only a large number of brush presets, but also brush shaders and other tools that can perform the same task.

One important point to mention, however, is that Corel Paint tool supports more functions than a Photoshop brush tool, like using an image to make a pattern, using the brush to draw straight lines or creating curved layers (to add texture or give a certain effect to a photo or video).

How is Corel Paint better than Photoshop?

Corel Paint tool, like other brushes, comes in a wide range of options, including brush shaders and other tools that can do similar things. For instance, the option to create a wide variety of brush effects, with varying properties: the ability to add different tones to the brush stroke, color and opacity. Corel Paint also brings you the ability to create a simple brush animation.

How does Corel Painter work?

The basic concept is that you select your image, use it as a reference, write down the path, and then Corel paint the line, stroke it with a different brush and finish it up using the same brush shaders.

Can you use Corel Paint tool on a Photoshop document?

Yes. Corel Paint Tool can open a Photoshop document. If it is open, just drag and drop the image into Corel Paint Tool (or open the image with your preferred application, or select it from your image browser). After Corel Paint Tool has opened, the next step is to draw the line in the Photoshop document: that is, draw whatever you want directly on the canvas. Or, in the case of Corel Paint Tool – you can add text as a reference.

Why it’s great?

First and foremost, the fact that there are multiple brushes, shaders and other tool that make it possible. This is a big difference from Photoshop, where you can use one tool for every possible task and it is impossible to tell that

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