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Dramatic video taken in the aftermath of a violent attack on a synagogue in Copenhagen on Friday morning shows men running towards and grabbing a man, one of whom has apparently been beaten unconscious before being hit again and dragged across the streets.

After the attack on the synagogue the man – in his twenties – can be heard shouting, “This is for Syria,” as one man shouts out at another. Another person can be heard shouting, “We can’t leave, we have to kill,” as the attackers appear to rush towards the man with the pistol.

The attack occurred outside the entrance to Denmark Square, one of the city’s busiest shopping areas where people are gathered on a Sunday evening to watch the Olympic Games, which take place later on Sunday and are expected to draw around 10 million people to the capital.

The video, filmed in the parking lot of a coffee shop, shows bystanders shouting and hurling insults as the assailants, holding what appear to be Kalashnikov assault rifles, attempt to take the man out.

The Copenhagen Police’s crime unit chief, Lars Håkansson, said the two attackers who arrived in a taxi were “sophisticated” and wore all black and covered their guns with balaclavas. His men then carried the perpetrator out of the square with his head still banged against the pavement and a man being held under his arm and legs.

“That was the most serious attack.”
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The victim, a 20-year-old, was transferred to hospital in critical condition, in a state of shock, his mother told Reuters, after he was rushed to a local Jewish centre to receive emergency treatment.

Copenhagen Police is carrying out interviews with the suspects after the attack, and the suspect who is the suspected killer is still at large, he said.

“The men involved in this incident knew each other … They were very intelligent, even though

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