How can I sell my camera? – Do Reaction Videos Make Money

1) Buy a used DSLR, Nikon or Canon camera if available. See below for more information about buying used cameras.

2) Sell the camera via eBay or Craigslist to someone that will accept the camera (make your offer, not their offer. Use your eBay/Craigslist seller ID.)

3) Buy back the camera to the person that accepted you.

4) The buyer will get a full refund. See below for more information about selling back cameras.

Sell-On-Sale (SOS)

Sell-on-Sale (SOS) means to sell the camera to an individual or organisation that will give you a full or reduced price on the camera.

For example:

Sell-on-Sale Example Description Example A buyer wants a Canon 5D Mark II with a 50mm f/1.4 lens. $3,000 The buyer wants the camera to shoot portraits without the need of a full frame camera. $1,000 The buyer would like to buy the camera on a more competitive price. $1,400 Buy the camera on a more competitive price, then sell it for $1,000 again. $2,800 The buyer has offered the seller $1,400 for the camera. $2,200 The seller has accepted the offer, but there is still a $500 difference on his price. He decides to sell the camera and gives the buyer $2,200 on it. $3,600 The buyer agrees to sell back the camera for $3,600.

Buying on eBay/Craigslist

All Craigslist ads are considered to be Sell-On-Sale. They are not listed on our site.

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There is an auction on Craigslist every week which will always include lots of used pictures. See our auctions for more information.

If you just want to sell your camera, you may buy it on Craigslist and put it back on eBay. That way the buyer will have more options.

Buy-Back-On-Sale (BOS)

BOS means to sell the camera via the Buy-Back-On-Sale option provided with the item.

BOS is a legal means of selling your camera if you wish to. It involves paying for your camera to be restored.

How to Buy Back Your Camera.

Here are a few options on how to buy back your camera:


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