Can I make money from my pictures? – Can You Make Money From Viral Facebook Videos

Yes. There are a few things you’ll need to know, such as:

Where to send images (the higher the quality, generally) The price of a picture (you get paid for it) Where to use it (e.g. Flickr, Tumblr, Picasa or Vimeo) How much image storage you’re willing to do (it varies, some say 50 gigabytes) What kind of data you’re willing to share (e.g. the file type, name, location, etc.)

1 . Where to Send Images

Images can be sent in several different ways:

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An image that has been previously uploaded by a user who’s interested in the work can be used as a link in their online profile or profile photo. Image uploads are free for both parties at least until you’ve received the royalty check or you’ve already sold photos.

You can also upload your own images directly to your own Flickr Account; just be sure to indicate any copyright info that the image creators provide.

Sell me your images ! Share them with friends… or sell them to companies you’re interested in (such as print manufacturers).

To upload your own photos, visit the appropriate Flickr page (such as the one you’re on right now). It’ll be right at the top, after all your other photo pages have been clicked. Simply upload all the photos that are of interest to you. Don’t worry, it’ll be a one-off upload; once the upload is complete, you’ll be able to upload all the photos you want to use for your own business.

The other part of Flickr is that when you upload images that are tagged with your business name, you’ll be able to sell those images to anyone. This is pretty convenient at times – like when you’re on a trip and want photos taken of you in order to sell tickets, or even to print a flyer of your product.

Once you’ve sent your photos, they have to be approved and you have to use a separate “resell” function in the Flickr website that will verify that the files are being used only for what you say you’re selling (if applicable).

2 . How Much to Receive in Fees for Creating Photos on Flickr?

Receive Photo Fees for Creating Photos on Flickr (Photo Fees)

Every photo in a collection of photos can be used for any purpose, but you need to pay for the time and effort that went in to creating

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