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The most common dogs that may be intolerant of solitude include:


Boston Terrier
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Shih Tzu





Some breeds or individuals can only tolerate the company of certain members of their species.

Here are some breeds that are known to be intolerant of isolation:

Coyottes of England

Dakota Heelers

Irish Wolfhounds

Irish Setters,

Norwegian Elkhounds (NEL)

Pit Bulls

Vibrant dogs (not just Labrador Retrievers or Golden Retrievers but also Bichon Frise, Labradors and Scottish Terriers (Rottweilers), Collies, Pomeranians, and Schnauzers)

Some unique dogs can tolerate the company of other dogs.

Cats. A cat usually will be more sociable with other cats. However, some cats may not tolerate the company of other cats.

Dogs. Dogs of all types can tolerate the company of other dogs. Dogs with short fur or short-haired dogs may find it more difficult to blend in with the other members of their species.

A word to the wise: Do not put your dogs under extreme stress; you will have unhappy results!

Are dogs more comfortable with unfamiliar or unfamiliar dogs?

Do cats tolerate a more novel or unfamiliar dog?

Do dogs require much more of their owners to keep them happy and comfortable?

Are dogs more comfortable being left alone and alone by other dogs?

Do cats need much more of their owners to be around them than dogs?

Do cats need a lot of space and a lot of people?

Are some dogs like other cats?

Are some dogs like other dogs?

Is your dog happy enough as it is for you to let it be alone?

Remember: Only you can decide how to keep your dog happy.

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