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This is a subjective topic, but the general idea is that a dog-walker should have a lot of free time to visit with their pup. You will want to spend enough time to get to know each other well, or get to know a little bit about each other. Ideally, you would also like a lot of free space to meet both of you, and that way you can find a good time to go do things together. Here are some things to consider:

Can you do it at night?

If you can’t meet in the comfort of your own home during non-peak hours, try leaving the dog at a kennel where it won’t disturb other people. If the kennel is far enough away that they can’t go outside, there is a good chance that they would rather do things indoors than at work.

Do some exercise during the day?

If you’re working a job during the day at which you have other responsibilities, you can ask for an hour or two away from work to take a walk. You can’t just drive there; you wouldn’t want to break any laws in doing so, so if you can, have the dog on a leash and get some exercise at home at night.

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Do you want to do a lot of walking or are you comfortable at slower speeds?

You have to be able to be flexible and do your best work on your own. If you’ve worked with someone for a while, they will know the pace and routine of your work. Once you’ve done your time, you can make changes and change your work routine in order to suit your needs.

Will it be a long trip if my dog is off work?

Although it may take longer for your dog to arrive back from work than it would for someone else, it will mean you can have two dogs in your house if both you and your dog have to work or go somewhere else to do something. If you can take a week or more to get home from work (or other work-related activity) your dog will be so well adjusted that he won’t mind waiting another 10-12 hours to come back. It will also mean that your dog-walker can spend more time with him or her than with other members of the family.

Who is my dog-walker’s boss?

Your dog-walker may be the person to ask questions and be direct in helping your dog feel at home. Or they may feel like the

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