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In most cases, it makes little difference for dogs that you leave the TV on for your dog.

If you leave your dog’s TV on for any reason (other than to keep the dog happy) there is a risk that the TV and its speakers will be turned on while your dog is watching it (assuming the TV is off, of course), which could damage your dog’s hearing.

For more information on leaving the TV on for your dog, see Is it harmful for your dog to watch TV on its own?

What are the effects of too much screen-time?

Why I Shop at the Local Pet Boutique (and You Should Too ...
Many people worry about how much screen time their dogs can have (or that of pets of other households).

Some people think there is an ideal age to switch to dog-proofing. But we don’t think there is. While it is possible for some dogs to be too young to safely be left alone with a screen, and some pets to be too old, all dogs need to be trained to be comfortable and alert while you’re away from home.

We encourage owners to train their dogs using positive reinforcement rather than “time out,” to teach that it is okay to let the dog stay with you. Our dog trainers will help you do this if you live in Canada and have a dog that is too young to safely have a TV with you. We also encourage you to read about your options in this FAQ: Will you be leaving your TV on at your house or at your home?

What’s the best way to take the TV out in case of damage to your dog?

The first thing you should do is turn off a television that is not in the kitchen or bedroom.

If you have a TV in the bedroom, take the remote control out of the outlet and place it on the floor.

Some TVs, including the newer models, can be set up so that your remote control can be left for a short period of time – up to one minute – under certain circumstances.

If your television is in the kitchen or bedroom, you’re at greater risk of damaging your pet’s hearing and hearing aids could be used and may cost thousands of dollars. To help you decide which one makes the most sense for your pet and your finances, talk to your veterinarian to answer any questions you have about the hearing of your dog or cat.

We suggest you contact your veterinarian as soon as you have any new or unknown problems.

If your television is in the

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