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Dog walking self employment is legal if the owner of the animal or their licensed agent, as listed below, is actively in business to provide or provide services for a commercial enterprise that includes dog walking. No one may be directly involved in the management, operations or care of a dog; no employee may manage the dogs or dogs themselves; no owner or person in control of the dog may own or maintain the dog and, in any event, the ownership, maintenance or ownership is not guaranteed in any way. If the sole owner of the dog fails to exercise reasonable care, the dog is deemed by law to be an agent of a commercial enterprise and may be removed from the premises the owner may have hired the dog, or the dog may be removed by a licensed veterinarian on a written permit by the owner of the dog. It is not necessary to have a licensed veterinarian on site.

If the dog’s owner has been arrested for or convicted of a felony involving cruelty or neglect and the dog has the ability to return to the owner by other means other than by self-ownership and/or ownership (such as when the dog is stolen or when the owner was otherwise unable to comply with this ordinance), the dog must be surrendered to the local government where it was legally kept. In some municipalities, the person with lawful custody of a dog will have the right to keep that dog or keep up the business. In such cases, they will not be permitted to take the dog to a government facility. In most cases, a dog must be surrendered to a local government within twenty-four hours from the day it was first found or within twenty-four hours after the dog is returned if the dog is kept elsewhere for more than eight weeks. The court may also grant an extension of time for the surrender unless the dog appears to be in serious danger. The owner must have the animal with them, and cannot leave it, unless the owner can find an alternative location for the animal to be kept.

Is the dog allowed to be kept in an emergency situation?
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If the owner requests the animal at a time the dog can’t be cared for and it is necessary to have the dog be kept away from the owner’s residence, the court may allow the owner to keep an animal during an emergency or even temporarily to attend work, school or in other circumstance. The court does not have the final authority to allow an animal to remain on the premises of a business or residential property after court order is made. The judge must sign the court order

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