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A lot of people ask us the same question. “How do you price homemade dog treats?” We always say, for a $20 pack of 2 oz dog treats, it’s actually not that expensive. However, for a $20 pack of 2 oz of dog treats, it can be $8-$10 a serving! A dog who eats the 2 oz dog treat can eat about 20 servings which is more than the cost of a brand new dog treat.

The reason dogs love to eat dog treats and are willing to eat it at home is because it will provide the ideal food for dogs who are not active, or who are active only for small amounts of time. With that said, homemade treats are generally priced on a per-serving basis which is why these treats are generally $3-4 per serving, as opposed to $8-$10 per serving which is the typical cost of brand new dog treats.

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What is dog food made from?

Dog treats are made from:

Corn is one thing that all humans eat. Corn is used in a lot of dog treats.

Honey and molasses are found in a lot of dog treats.

A good portion of dog treats are also made from meat and milk which creates another good option.

Is dog food safe?

All dog treats should be tested prior to use by a veterinarian, either on animals or babies in preparation for a baby shower. Most dog treats can be eaten if properly prepared and if the dog is properly cared for. Although, any time there are potentially health issues with a treat, it is best to have the dog tested on before use of the treat.

If you are shopping for dog treats on Amazon, please allow 24 hours to find it. If you are looking to buy from online sellers please allow at least 24 hours from shopping with them before purchasing the dog treats.

How much does dog food cost?

While a dog treats can get you many dollars, at the end of the day they cost you about 7-10 cents per serving!

Please consider this when you decide that your dog should be fed with homemade dog foods.

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