Does Rover give you a w2? – Pet Business Cards Design

No, Rover does not, at this time, provide a full w2 reporting service to help you identify if you could be affected. Our customers are advised to contact their local bank for advice and to determine what to do and how long the money will stay in their account.

What information do I need, if I can’t access my Rover?

We ask that you provide a link to your vehicle registration number:

How long is my refund likely to last?

Our refund period varies from vehicle to vehicle, so please contact your bank directly if our refund period is not immediately available to you. Our refund timescale is three months.

Will you credit any fees back to my bank account through a cheque?

Our cheque options work with our refunding partner Credit Card Refunds, although it is not possible to receive a check.

What is the best way to get my refund?

Contact your local bank for further information regarding your refunding partner.

Is there any way I can take my vehicle back during the refund period?

No, due to our commitment to refunding vehicles within 12 months from purchase (not including new vehicles) from a manufacturer not included in our programme, we cannot issue a new vehicle loan after the end of your refund period.

How do I find out if my vehicle has been returned?

If you have not received your vehicle within a period of seven days after the auction, you should contact the seller for further information. If you are unsure about your vehicle’s status, please return the vehicle to the seller or contact Rover Customer Support on 0800 011 012 or call 011 467 7777.

Is my refund transfer to another vehicle?

If you sell a vehicle and you would like your refund transferred to a new vehicle, you must contact Rover Customer Support on 0800 011 012 or log onto your Rover Account.

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