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You can sell any dog as long as it’s under 40 pounds (15 kilograms, and some breeds). You can’t sell a dog under 20 pounds, if it’s sick or injured or there’s a physical or emotional condition that makes it unfit for a particular situation.

Are there specific rules for dogs and cats?

Yes. These rules are listed below. The exact rules can and do change slightly by town, state (or province) and country – check with each local health authority for more details.

All animals must be sterilized before selling or giving away.

You must be 18 years old to sell dogs, 17 if you’re dealing with puppies.

You cannot sell puppies under two months old. (This rule does NOT apply to the “Baby Canine Shelter Program”. See below.)

You may sell dogs as long as they’re fit and available to be adopted.

You may not rent, store or keep a dog for more than 6 weeks at a time. (You CAN sell some dogs, if you have the right to do so, if you’re not taking on a foster.)

You can’t sell any dog that has been in your custody, care and control for at least 36 months or more.

For dogs under 14 pounds (about 30 kilograms), you may not sell a dog under 28 days old unless it’s sick or injured, and must not take care of a dog for longer than one year unless you have been licensed as a breeder and that dog has been kept in the breeder’s care for at least 2 additional full years since the dog was spayed.

You may bring a dog into your business as long as:

it’s spayed or neutered;

it’s kept on a small leash (no more than 6 feet) and has some exercise outdoors;

it’s spayed or neutered, microchipped and has ID tag;

it’s vaccinated;

and if you’re dealing with a prospective buyer, you give them a list of the dog’s medical history and proof of ownership.

Do you need a permit to sell cats? Can dogs, too?

Families should be aware that selling cats may be a problem. A local shelter may be able to help you, but they may charge a considerable amount to do so. Also, it’s important to remember that cats aren’t legal as pets in many states. If your local authority has no program

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