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Dogs are not “drivers” of traffic in this state. But they are “obstinate walkers.” Many jurisdictions allow dog walkers permission to use a certain area designated to protect the human or the dog.

For more information about dog walking, including fees and regulations.

Dog-owner conflict

Dog-owner conflict is a lot like child-parent conflict in several ways:

Dog owners do not always understand their dogs’ behaviors. They can make errors that lead to trouble, like getting lost or leaving their dogs unattended.

Dog-owners do not always agree about who owns where. Even people in the same house or neighborhood can be competing for space and power over different areas of the home.

Dog owners are more likely than children to have a physical altercation with their dog.

Dog owners are more likely than children to report unwanted pet strays and to have their dogs’ owners report them as strays. More than half of dog owners who have a dog also have a child with the same dog.

Dog owners are more likely than children to experience conflict or abuse because of the dog or its dog owner. Dog owners should be aware of dogs that may have other owners.

How do I file a complaint about a dog with law enforcement?

If you believe there was animal abuse or neglect, contact the Washington State Patrol.

Dog lovers or dog-walkers

Dog lover groups can be especially helpful. Ask the group which dog groups provide support services such as dog walkers, spay and neuter clinics, and safe pet-friendly facilities. Be a good listener and ask questions to discover if you are talking about the same dog or dogs.

Dog-walkers are generally paid for by the city or county to keep a safe and clean area, a place where people can relax and enjoy an enjoyable walk. You usually must show proof of dog-walking credentials to receive support services from a dog-walker.

Report dog-related emergencies

If you feel your dog and/or its owner are in an unsafe situation, contact law enforcement or local animal control agency. You can report a dog or its owner for:

being in a dangerous situation such as jumping around, barking, attacking or damaging people or property

being attacked, injured or injured by another dog

treating a dog in an unsafe area

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