Can you sell puppies without a license? – Arthur’s Pet Business Activities For High School

Yes , with this answer I can. When I’m a puppy seller it is extremely easy to meet the various requirements for breeding puppies. There is no reason why a dog breeder just can’t provide your breeder with your puppies. You get all of the benefits of owning a dog that is not a breeding dog but the one is that in many states you can only sell puppies that are between twelve and eighteen months old and between six and eight pounds. This means you will need to have at least thirteen puppies if you want to put a breeder out of business.

Are you registered with the state where you sold the dog?

Yes, you most probably are. There are some breeds that you shouldn’t sell unless they have a license, like the Doberman pinschers because the majority just aren’t that well bred and so are extremely unsuitable for pet ownership.

Can you sell puppies without a license?

Yes , although that has come about over the decades at many breeders who haven’t had to deal with government regulations in over 30 years. At most breeders you will need to get approval by the state that you sell from. In most states this means you will be asked to provide a birth certificate and a passport, or if your pet is older than three months get consent from the dog’s owner to release them for collection.

Can you sell puppies without a permit?

Yes , you just have to find a breeder who has the appropriate paperwork in order. The requirements for selling a puppy are the same whether its from your household or someone else’s. Some states have regulations that include a medical exam, background check, and a written contract. Some more are requiring that the breeder be certified. Some breeders don’t have a business license and others have one without a license, but at most breeders you may be able to get approval to meet the various requirements from a state.

Where can I find an experienced breeder?

The best place to find a breeder is Petfinder. If you are looking for puppies look no further.

What if my pet has been stolen?

In some states you will need to report your pet stolen and even call police or animal control. Sometimes in some instances the dog isn’t found until it’s too late and their health is failing. If you think your pet was stolen please contact Petfinder directly for up to date information.

What if a police officer tells me that I’m not allowed

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