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Can dogs eat meat from animals without blood?

Can dogs eat beef from calves killed without having their horns or beaks cut off?

Can dogs eat chicken, ducks, quail and other birds killed without their throats slit?

The only animal that isn’t allowed is one species (pig or rabbit) that’s on meat inspection lists in our nation’s Department of Agriculture, which is listed on the World Organization for Animal Health.

I don’t eat pork, do I have to eat pork from animals slaughtered without having their throats slit?

No. It doesn’t matter who kills the animal.

I don’t eat pork because people get offended by that, but I don’t want to eat pork if it’s not in compliance with regulations. What to do?

It depends. If animal health is the goal of your business, then don’t get hung up on violations like “must,” “must not,” or “must not” on the food label—it’s not the consumer problem, and you can focus on providing quality products.

But if your business’ concern is with safety, or a certain quality or style of meat, then it might qualify for a “must” statement. So what do you do?

In many cases, the answer is clear: you just take a closer look at the food and ask for clarification.

Most food manufacturers will say they won’t change anything that’s on the label. But they will remove the words that clearly say “pig or rabbit” and/or “must” to comply with regulations. This can include removing the “must” words themselves. Or you can just ask them to let you know if there’s something specific that you want on the label. Most will do this.

But there may be times—a “pig” is a pork product is not exactly “pig-shaped,” does that change anything? How do you interpret its shape?

There is no one way to determine a shape and a shape-specific wording. The only way to determine if a product conforms to regulations will be if the manufacturer changes the product (for example, change product shape).

In the U.S.: In certain situations, a company may be required to change an item’s shape on the label if certain safety guidelines are breached. These are “must conditions.”

The most common are known as “cage size” and “cage material” requirements. Both of these requirements

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