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I believe the answer is Mike Woodson – the reigning Coach of the Year. Woodson earned a salary of $4,890,000 over the course of his ten year career as the Oakland Raiders head coach.

While some have suggested that Woodson’s contract is too high, I think that Woodson is one of the best coaches in the league.

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If these numbers are considered, it seems that Woodson could be the highest paid NBA coach.

Of course, these numbers are for the regular season only. They are not the most highly paid coaches in the NBA.

The highest paid NBA coach is probably Chris Wallace, the general manager of the Milwaukee Bucks. The Bucks paid Wallace $5,564,000.

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Linguistic diversity in Ireland

Linguistic diversity in Ireland

The diversity of Irish languages is one of the hallmarks of the island nation and the first step in the process of Irish ‘national culture.’ An estimated 20-30 languages are spoken in Ireland, ranging from a number of Indo-European languages like Greek and Latin to several languages indigenous to Ireland (e.g. Gaelic, Irish), to a host of indigenous dialects, including Gaelic and German and Ulster Scots. Ireland also shares a number of other dialect features with other British islands:

The language of the Irish (Irish Gaelic) is spoken in most of the island and at the same time is very similar to all the British islands.

The native language of Irish is not related at all to any other of the British languages; for example, a second language is not possible.

The Irish language is generally closely related to other Irish languages, yet has distinctive features. For example, the first person singular pronoun is used in all Irish and Welsh. Thus, one could say ‘I have a cold’ without the use of an auxiliary verb.

the native pronoun is used in all Irish and Welsh. Thus, one could say ‘I have a cold’ without the use of an auxiliary verb. It is also the language of the native inhabitants of Ireland

The native language of Irish is spoken in Ireland’s capital city which shares a similar geography, languages, and social history as Dublin.

Irish has a very strong central place in the cultural traditions and social identities of people in Ireland. This centrality is due not only to the fact that Irish is the language of the

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