Which coaching certification is best?

There are not many good answers to that question: some of the best coaching is achieved by people with prior coaching experience who have moved away from it to explore different areas of coaching and be successful. These are the most important skills to develop and there are many different paths to take. Some coaches who have been around the block and got a lot of experience are better than some who are fresh out of college with no previous experience. That doesn’t mean someone has to be a former coach – they could be just beginning to coach. As a general rule, people who have been with a lot experience tend to know what it feels like to be successful. People who are new start with whatever feels like a new world and have no idea if they can even survive it – they need to be prepared to deal with the unexpected and not make mistakes. If you decide to take the path of coaching (and it usually seems more comfortable and convenient) then you will not start with a full head of steam (even though it feels more difficult). Most people, not all, take the coaching path because it is the path they have learned and that has been shown to be successful over long periods of time.

What is a good fit for you to coach?

For me, coaching has been a great way to explore everything, which has really accelerated my learning curve. I’ve found that coaching has given me more insight, a better understanding, and made me a better person from the beginning when I still didn’t have much to say. I also learn from the people I coach and I’m also learning from the coaches that I work with. Even though I was a little intimidated before I started coaching, I felt I had the ability to help people who came into my studio.
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I feel I am a good fit because I want to help people who are coming into the coaching business now that they’ve grown past the first few years. I want to teach people how to be successful in coaching.

How much money would a typical studio coaching gig make you?

Any time I’ve worked for someone who offered a studio coaching deal, they gave me a lot of money for the course. When you compare a full time studio coach to being employed by a company that pays hourly to take you out to dinner or even a monthly stipend – it’s easy to understand how you can make more by working for a place that gives you time to think about everything and to improve as quickly as possible. I’ve seen many people, myself included,