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Virginia Tech coach Justin Fuente disappointed with NCAA ruling on ...
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Sharon Smith is a certified personal trainer and certified strength and conditioning coach with over 30 years of experience. She has a B.S. in Exercise Science and a BA in Sport Science, both from North Carolina State University. Sharon has coached internationally in gymnastics for 12 years as an international coach and certified personal trainer for Olympic and world competitions. In this capacity, she has helped athletes achieve a high level of skill and competency in the performance of various gymnastics exercises and movements. In addition, with a focus on the human body, she coaches and teaches other athletes on their training journey. Her passion for all things fitness, including bodyweight training, weight lifting, mobility, nutrition and exercise science, has helped Sharon to have a wealth of knowledge and experience that her athletes can benefit from. Since 2003, she has been involved in a number of professional strength and conditioning programs, including strength training for Olympic and professional weightlifting programs (for which she received the NSCA Elite International Performance Coach Award for the 2013 National Weightlifting Championship and the 2016 World Championships and USA Weightlifting’s Prodigy Award for the 2017 National Championships,) as well as the NSCA-NSCA-AFT, the National Team Strength and Conditioning Program for National Team members (for which she served as the head strength and conditioning coach on the 2016 National University Team at her school). Sharon also has strong experience working as the head strength and conditioning coach for a number of competitive weight lifting and powerlifting programs. In addition to her involvement with the National University Team, Sharon also leads various recreational strength training facilities including the NSCA Elite Weightlifting Academy and the NSCA Level I Amateur Weightlifting Club, as well as works with other organizations (eg., USA Womens Golf) in terms of strength and conditioning program development. Sharon is most proud of her relationship with a number of professional weightlifting programs as well as the National Weightlifting Association, the National Center for Sport Fitness and Recreation, and the NSCA/NSCA-AFT.

Ahead of the UK general election on 8 June, the Electoral Commission (EC) published its latest figures on electoral fraud. The survey shows that some 486,000 votes were cast during elections in the country in 2012.

The biggest number of complaints were lodged in Greater London,