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A Florida jury ordered the return of a $1.2 million judgment from a former business manager in the shooting of her boyfriend and a dog in February.

In a written decision Friday, the jury found John B. Williams III liable for his former partner’s killing of his dog two years ago. His former partner, Melissa A. Bessette, had claimed she heard a shot or saw them arguing and immediately tried to return fire.

In January 2014 — less than a year after the shooting — the Palm Beach County State Attorney’s Office filed charges against Williams but prosecutors dropped the case after Bessette failed to show up to trial. That prompted the State Police to conduct a grand jury investigation before filing the case back to the State Attorney’s Office.
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According to the trial decision, witnesses testified that Williams never returned to the home where he was living at the time of the shooting, and was never charged with a crime. A surveillance camera recorded the shooting and showed Williams dropping his gun and running out of the home.

Bessette’s attorneys sued Williams for the dog’s loss, noting that an arrest warrant was issued days after the incident for Bessette’s violation as well as her refusal to cooperate with investigators. The lawsuit named the City of Lake Worth and the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office as defendants.

The following is a list of the playable characters who appeared in Final Fantasy VII, as well as their Japanese names in the English-speaking countries. The Japanese names and the English names refer to the four original versions of VII: International Zodiac Job System (IZJS), World of Final Fantasy (WERFF), Final Fantasy VII International Zodiac Job System 2 (F7J1W2), and Final Fantasy VII International Zodiac Job System 3 (F7J3). All characters from the original versions appeared in Final Fantasy VII and their English versions, but all of them received a new “Final Fantasy VII” theme song.

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Locations Edit

In the English versions Edit

The Japanese version of Final Fantasy VII is set in the far-future world of Noctis and