How many clients does a life coach have?

In order of number of clients:

– 3 women

– 8 guys

– 19 total

What does it cost?

Life coaches don’t make a lot of money. They do have a profit margin, but it’s nowhere near the profit margin I saw as a consultant and personal trainer. I do think that the money helps them to create change and create awareness for things that affect them. I guess they don’t realize it yet but they’re not making money, just for doing what they love. They don’t get paid for doing something they’re passionate about.

How long do you work for them?

I’ve seen a couple years now.

Do you have a salary and benefits package?

If the clients are paid in full or there are other “perks” like meals, golf trips and golf clothing, the coaching is free. Most often I just tell people to be thankful every day because their lives are so changed for good.

When or why did you do the coaching, and why is it important to change your life?

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I did it because my kids are living with me and getting to go on vacations. I was going to retire, but I didn’t because I needed to be involved. My kids are doing great now and I’m just very thankful and happy to have done what I had to do to get to where I am today and to have those kids and to have a life that is really, really good.

I’m not a big guy. I don’t have any muscle tone anymore, I have to go exercise every day. I have gotten so ripped I have to go walk into the gym just to get the calories to eat. I did the coaching for two years, then I moved to Florida, spent two years there and am back in California working at my gym.

If you could change anything in your life, what would it be?

My kids, to be honest. The last thing I want to do is spend more time doing things other than that.

How much money do you make as a coach?

That’s difficult to answer. I don’t pay anything to do my coaching. I just do it because I love it and believe there’s people out there that really need it. If I wasn’t passionate about going to life coaches, I wouldn’t have started doing it, so I can’t do too much of that yet.

How long did it take you