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I need to come up with my own accountability measures to measure success,” said a 26-year-old woman, who wished to be identified as Tati.

Like many of the other women in the field, Tati is a single parent, living in a city in the south of India where public transportation is scarce and public education is often poor. “We must build an ethical mindset for the people of India who are making sacrifices to provide for their families with this infrastructure,” she continued.

The accountability systems already exist in India, but these are voluntary. The Indian government is pushing for the compulsory system, with public officials obliged to report any serious misbehavior to their officials.

It’s not clear if Aadhaar has any effect, but as one of a handful of companies in India that provide Aadhaar numbers to the government, Tati said she had heard that they are seeing an “increase in numbers” of people signing up to become accountable coaches, but that she couldn’t speak to the extent of the effect.

Tati is hoping other women will take her words to heart and join an online forum for accountability coach training, where she will give workshops that will help aspiring accountability coaches create their own accountability measures.

“The idea is that we need everyone to be accountable. Every one of us has to be accountable.”

A public forum on accountability for accountability coaches (Image credit: Akshay Shukla)

In response to an RTI query, Ajoy Bose, an assistant director of the Planning Ministry, confirmed that the government is looking into establishing a voluntary system for accountability coaches in India. “A government agency is planning to conduct a study on the feasibility of establishing voluntary accountability coaches in India so that we can provide them with better training and education methods if and when such a system is eventually implemented,” he wrote.

The government has a lot of data to base its plans on, and as India prepares for the country’s next five years of economic growth, the government will need to be prepared. “Now is the time to think of ways to create such a system,” Moya said.

“Even though we have it, we have no sense of how we can make it work.”

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