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By the end of October we have a team of eight ICF coaches training at the ICF Academy. The course can be completed without a prior degree, but it helps to have experience with the different ICF forms. The following course is designed for ICF Practitioners who are ready to apply to the ICF International Commission and apply to the ICF World Championships.

In order to become a Certified ICF Coach you will need to obtain ICFP (Internationally Certified Functional Functional Movement Coach) and ICFIC (Independent Contractor, Institute for Coaching and Training ICF Practitioners). The course cost is $450 USD.

How do I become a Certified Instructor?

Certification for Instructor is available through the International Commission and the ICF World Championships. The cost is $500 USD.

Certification for the ICF World Championship is available through the ICF Training Council. The course is $1000 USD.

Is there anything else I can expect during the ICF Certificate Course?

You will receive a certificate letter detailing your status as a Certified Instructor as well as a list of topics covered. This letter will be sent to you once you have completed the ICF Certificate Course.

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It goes without saying that we will be in contact with you throughout the course of the ICF Certificate course for any questions you may have. We look forward to taking you along on the journey of becoming an ICF professional!

We look forward to seeing you on a journey of learning, development, and professional development.

All ICF ICF Coaches are welcome to enroll. You could be teaching or learning your craft right now!

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