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I’m not so sure about that. I do have a personal trainer. I think I’m going with this, and I’m going with nutrition…my whole life, I’ve been told how to take care of myself.

This might seem like a lot to take in, but the results speak for themselves. Here’s to hoping the weight loss continues and I can take this to the next level. Have you had success taking on that tough weight cut?

On the first day of the first Congress of the Philippines the young and ambitious senatorial candidates of the People Power Movement won over the old and experienced hands. It is not that politics is so difficult, but the people power movement is the only way to do it. If we don’t have real change, in all areas of government, then our children and children will continue to be affected by the same policies.

The people power movement cannot be defeated by the political class. It cannot be destroyed by the politicians and bigwigs who just think they know better. It cannot be destroyed by media and politicians who want to stay in power in order to keep their income. It cannot be destroyed by the old and the middle-aged who want to control the party leaders. It can be defeated only when the people understand that we will not accept any injustice.

On Thursday of his first day, the mayor of Davao City, Rodrigo Duterte and the mayor of Angeles City, Imelda Marcos, who ran a very well disciplined campaign were defeated by the voters. That victory is not going to put an end to the political class, the politicians, bigwigs and media alike. They are going to keep their hands in their pockets and continue to get rich. Our victory is not the only one, but it is significant.

The people power movement can be defeated, but it is not destroyed, since we now understand that the people can overcome the corrupt politicians, bigwigs and media, and continue to do good work.

Duterte’s victory is a victory that cannot be matched.

The old people are in no mood for politics anymore. A few years ago, they still had hope that something positive would come out of a Duterte presidency. Now they are convinced that it’s in vain, that politics is just a charade.

When Duterte became mayor of Davao City, he took over a government that had been in a bad condition—the Department of Public Works and Highways, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency and the Philippine Drug Enforcement

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