What’s the easiest song to play on ukulele? – Best Way To Learn Ukulele Strumming Country

That’s a difficult one (laughs). But there’s not many songs that I play on it, and the song I play for everyone’s party, “Dancing in the Dark”, is one of them. When I play that song for someone, they start dancing their heads off and they start cracking up. It’s hard on me to put something like that on my ukulele.”

When you started out at New York Music School, what were your ambitions?

My main goal was just to play a bit. Even if I ended up doing a bit, that could have lasted a couple of years. At that time, I was already making a reputation as a singer; there wasn’t anybody else who could get paid to sing. I was just trying to get a taste in with the music industry.

And you’ve lived up to the expectations?

We’d have four classes with different themes every year. Everyone was excited about “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”, and my teacher would say: “I have a feeling you might do that again.” One time, I even sang along to a song before I finished that one. But for the most part, I just learned how to take everything in. I got along the best with everybody, which made me feel comfortable. I’m very satisfied with that.

What was the most difficult thing you’ve had to learn as an aspiring singer?

That’s a hard one. What was the hardest thing for me is that I came in late, and they wanted me to come in on the 1st day. When they told me I got put in front of the other singers, I had to remember it’s only one day, and I’ll just have to get my head around it later. It’s a scary thing because you don’t know if it was that day or two. You have to focus and concentrate and listen hard. You have to listen to what they’re saying, because if you go off on your own for a bit, you may miss the notes. If you’re not concentrating, it can be really difficult.

There was a teacher there who was quite strict and was strict with the time. She wouldn’t let me go home for dinner, or anything like that. She wouldn’t let me sleep for four straight nights. She made me go to school and play my instrument, but she was really strict with me. She was very intense.

What made you decide to leave New York Music School

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