Is it easier to learn to play guitar or ukulele? – Youtube Learn To Play Ukulele Margaritaville Intro

Ukulele is way more difficult to learn, since you have to learn three strings in one day, while guitar is just three. I’ve learned everything I can from the first chord progressions to the last ones to the chords themselves.

Is there an individual or group that helps you advance at a rapid pace?

I have many friends and they’ve helped me along, but that kind of helps me improve even more. If I have a few weeks to spare, I play every night when it’s convenient.

Your website is in German language only. Why did you choose to develop your music in this language?

I think English is useful to communicate in, because you’re more likely to understand what you say than when you speak with an accent. I also like the idea of being outside the box, like a foreign language.

Why no English cover songs of your works to accompany the album album and live concerts?

I’d like to write an album in English cover songs someday. A lot of people like my music in English cover songs because the people know them.

How did you learn to play the songs in English?

My sister told me to go to the piano, so I took it from there, and then my parents also taught me. They didn’t want me to follow them, so we didn’t.

Are you working with music production, composers and vocalists?

Yes, I work on projects with my favorite composers. I also want to work with a little more of my favorite rock and metal groups.

Can you tell me about your music lessons? Do you offer lessons as well?

I offer everything and all musicians and singers need to understand the concepts of my music. I always have a special section on my website which offers my lessons in English.

Where do you spend most of your time?

In my studio and home, all day long. I work on making music every day. I do my own arranging of songs if I don’t have the time to work on anything else.

Are you currently in any kind of relationship? If so, who?

We are married for almost 14 years now. We met together when I was 14. We are happy in our relationship, and we have the same goals.

What kinds of places do you normally visit?

In Germany, we live with my friends, which I think is very pleasant. We are living

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