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Or is flute better than harp for many people? Here is short answer to these questions.

Let us assume a piano for a moment. What is it made of and how do you make it. It is a simple sheet metal sheet, glued to a brass frame on a steel frame in which are steel strings and wooden strings. So, when they are tuned by string tuning fork, this is how the strings make contact with the sheet metal.

When one is tuning two different pianos from different manufacturers, the first one is different by a few millimeters from the second one of the same model and it is impossible to tell with a finger of what it is tuned because the fingering is almost entirely different to that of the other. So, you can’t tell which is which, the only way to know that it is actually the same piano is to look at the backplate. It is the backplate of the piano and it is the backplate where the strings contact, which is the flute.
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But there are no two piano backplates of same model in existence. So, we are left to have to guess if the piano made by one manufacturer is the same as the same piano made by another. We are left to guess but guess is a guess, so we cannot even make the comparison when we do.

Well if we think it is so hard to tell, why is harp the better instrument for flute than flute? I would like to talk about why it is. The reason is that flute has many more notes than other instruments and harp does not have many notes.

If you compare the instrument of harp which I am going to use in this question with the flUTE that I am going to use in this question, you will come to the conclusion that harp is the better flute.

Harp does have many more notes and it is a little easier to remember. It does not make one have a better sense of pitch and also one cannot focus on a specific pitch when playing harp.

Another advantage that harp is better for flute is that it has more articulation which has a calming effect on the ears. A person does not feel a sense of tension as one does if one is using harp, because harp does have so many articulations.

Now let me talk about the advantages of flute over harp. It is easy to play flute using the first position of flute tuning fork.

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