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I am quite an accomplished ukulele player from a very young age. I began playing at the age of 4. But I couldn’t actually play all that much because of my mum’s job. At the age of 18 I left my job and started learning by myself and my sister took over as a coach to ensure that we could learn our instrument and improve. We only played for a year or so until that teacher retired and my sister began to take up the teaching role. Now my playing skills are quite good and I actually have great friends to play with on the road.

I read that a friend of yours has a serious drinking problem. Who was it?

My friend has to go and drink and he is the only thing standing in the way for my going to university. At the moment he is going with my family to take a course in a foreign language, although this is for the first time he has been abroad for that whole time. But we all have a bit of a drinking problem, so it’s been rather busy for me these past few weeks. In my defence, I have quite a strong drinking habit. I actually have a bit of a drinking problem now. I drink a little bit every day, about one-fourth to one-half a glass, and that is the day of classes. I have to go back to the university as soon as my classes are finished. I need to sleep and take care of my health, so I work till about 9:11pm every night. I get up about 4:15am. I am pretty relaxed when I am playing, although sometimes I wake up quite stressed when other people are playing.

The day started very well for you, weren’t you going to finish exams early? Can you say what you did?
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I got an offer from a top university, so I decided that the only thing I could do with my life right now was to finish. I decided to get a job with a small online newspaper, so that would enable me to study and I could come home a bit later. When my exams were over I went back to Finland to take up my university offers. I don’t think I got any offers, so I am still in my studies. I am working now at the newspaper for about 3 days. It is not too far from where I live. So, I will be at the university until next Monday, so I won’t be staying there too long.

When you were playing in music halls

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