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What kind of woman would be called the flapper of our time? A woman who is not married and who is, as she is, a lover of dancing and love of music, and is not to be classed with her contemporaries of the day. A woman whose character and behavior do not fit the stereotype of the girl that was sold to the world in a flapper hat. A woman who was, with some qualifications, an artist. No man would have made her one.

It is with difficulty one could say this because the only women who may be called flappers of our time are those like the author, who have a love of fashion and who are, like the author, quite self-defined and self-centered. A flapper, in spite of her own definition of the word, is an artist. It is not her that is the flapper, but her creation, as has been the case for many years, of what may be considered the world of pop-art, so much so that some of her early paintings are not very flattering in their depictions of men and children. The flapper may not be the type of woman that is called a flapper, but she is one who paints, writes and speaks, and her beauty and the manner of her expression can be regarded as those traits which are not only desirable, but as ones for which the man of her time, or the man of our own time, would have gladly given his wife and children.

A few years ago one of my best friends was asked to write about what she thought was the greatest flapper of all time, and in this she was not alone. I was asked, too, to write about the modern women’s movement. One of those who did write an excellent article about the flapper was a woman who went by the name of Rose Fenton Smith.

I am in no way a friend of Rose Fenton Smith, though I admire what she has done in life and how she has achieved what she has. I do not know her, though she was probably around when I was born. But I have been reading about her, as you might be reading about her now, and I can see her as she became and what she will try to achieve.

On her birthday, December 18, 1922, Rose Fenton Smith gave five lectures on her life and what she thinks about her own experiences. “Rose Fenton Smith was born Rose Fenton Smith on December 18, 1922, in the beautiful little town

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