What were the flappers trying to prove? – 20S Flapper Dress Costume Kids

Were they telling the truth? And did they know what they were doing? They thought that if they did not follow the flappers’ advice, their lives would be ruined and that they would never again be able to dress, but on the contrary, they were able to achieve everything they had always hoped for, a new beginning, and a bright future.

But this was only a beginning, for soon the flappers’ teachings went beyond that of the flappers to become a new form of religion. When the flappers came up on the balcony, they saw that this time the old men and women were not only looking at them, they were actually touching their bodies; in an instant, they had started following the flappers’ steps and had changed them into a new form of religion. They wanted to believe; they wanted to believe that by following their example, they would also be given something. In the old man, they were given a religion. In the young man, they received a new religion. Now the man was to live the whole of his life under a new religion, and the woman was to serve as his wife: on top of this, she would be made to serve in all ways as if she were the man’s wife; in fact, her own husband had become something new and important to her as well. And this man was now going to be their master. The man was going to own the things which belonged to them. These things belonged to him, had belong to him, had been given to him by God. Now, from this point of view, the young man thought about these things very much. He saw that the man was going to be able to give him everything he wanted. It was time in his life to make up for all the years of shame and cowardice. He was to give his life for God. This is what the young people thought; they were beginning to feel that they were in possession of great riches, they wanted to take them in their hands. They did not know where to find their wealth, but they began to search all over in every direction for something, and they began to use these means to get their wishes. They were very foolish: they were only following the flappers’ example: it was only a new form of religion which had arisen. At the very same time, the old men and women and their children who were supposed to be servants of God also followed the flappers’ example. Their masters too started following the other religion: they too began to

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