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Flappers in the late 19th and early 20th century preferred a plain or dark navy suit for work to a red or orange blazer for evening dress.

The jacket would typically be a slim but well-fitted tailored blazer with buttoned front and side pockets for business or tote bags, and a tie.

Worn with a plain shirt, flapper blazer would be worn with a tailored dress coat, usually a light brown or black tailored business style jacket or skirt, with white buttons (not on the flapper skirt), with black or red handkerchiefs in her pocket.

If the flapper wore plain trousers or shoes (as the white gloves or “flapper socks” shown), she might wear two pairs.

Mumbai: The Mumbai Police has begun the process of conducting a complete forensic investigation into the rape of a 13-year-old girl, who was taken into custody recently on suspicion of being involved in a case of child prostitution.

The probe will commence immediately or the accused will be arrested and booked under criminal law, the police said, adding that they won’t be seeking any form of bail.

The victim is learnt to have been picked up from Mumbai’s Chaturvedi area for allegedly being in the care of a couple, Sunil Joshi and his wife, Subodh, and later released.

The accused have already been arrested.

The girl, who had gone to be with her mother at a different place, was seen going from house to house and later coming back to the Joshi’s in Chaturvedi to meet the couple.

The girl told her parents she had been taken to Joshi’s house by the couple because the family wanted to get out of the city.

However, the girl was not permitted to meet her friend and instead was taken to the Joshi’s house.

After she was dropped by the couple, the girl tried to jump out through the window. When the police took the girl, she was taken back to Joshi’s house.

The case was registered on Sunday when her parents filed a complaint against the couple and their accomplice.

They accused Sunil, who is said to be in the first year of his OBC status, and his wife of taking the girl in and running a prostitution racket.

The police said the victim has been sent for blood tests to ascertain whether she was raped. A report has been submitted to the

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