What is a petting party in the 1920s? – Loose Fitting Flapper Dress

A petting party was a gathering during the summer for people to socialize. It was a way to get acquainted with a new group of people and to form a relationship. It did not necessarily involve nudity.

What was an “unwanted person,” and why were they a problem?

Unwanted persons were the people who interfered with the social and social activities of the crowd. They were troublemakers, but they were not a big problem for the average person because they had no place in society and had to leave. They also could not cause harm because they could not steal or hurt people. So most people accepted them.

What did “unwanted persons” do to the people from the crowd?

In the 1920’s there was a lot of political talk. People were angry about the government. There was anger about the poor, which was the first group of people the police had to face in the crowd. In those days, the police had no problem dealing with those people. In fact, the police were a group of people who had been socialized by a society which looked down on them, and when they showed their anger at the police they were treated by the police as if they were the criminals.

Were any of the people who did this mean to harm?

Generally not, but there were exceptions. When a police officer saw a woman in her underwear, he would arrest her.

Did the police know the difference between a nudist and a sex addict?

No officers knew that.

What did some people say about the police?

They didn’t like people going naked around them and said they looked like prostitutes. The people who objected to people going naked didn’t like the people who did because they didn’t like the fact that we were changing how people dressed themselves. They were uncomfortable and often said things like, “Who does he think he is, a policeman?” The police didn’t like that either. Also, when they arrested people for going out in their underwear, it was the first time they had seen underwear on a person. Now they were horrified that they had seen their own clothes on the person whose underwear they wanted to arrest.

Were there different types of nudist clubs?

Yes. There were only a small group of people known to society at the time, especially in the cities. Nudists in the country were mostly middle class people, but also there were a number of people who dressed in their

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