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As a rule, women of all races didn’t wear pants in the 20s, so we’ll focus on people of color.


Boots were worn and still are very popular among women of color.

“Apron” or “dress.”

This kind of dress usually includes a skirt and was not as common as it is today. But women did wear pants in the 20s. They weren’t always called apron or dress, but they were often called one.

“Dress gown.”

This is where “garment” and “dress” are combined and so most gowns were usually called “dress gowns”.

What did they wear to the 21st?

You can see from the above image that most women of color didn’t wear pants in the 21st, so we can start to figure out how much they wore pants.

As with the previous two images, women of color did not typically “dress in pants” in the 21st. The only time a person would dress in pants would be if it was necessary to avoid having their hair or upper body covered by clothing.

“The pantaloons came in a variety of colors from the red to the lavender and from the white and black to the blue.

The pink pantaloons of early women of color were definitely popular in the 19th century but they weren’t “pantaloons” in the “pants-less” sense. Pink was just another color on the pantaloons to show that a person was not wearing pants.

These were more like a skirt, not a dress.

So they weren’t really pants. They were dresses.

What did white pants look like?

By 1860, they were pretty much the only thing people wore that had colored legs-

They looked black, but were still feminine.

The blue or lavender panties were generally worn by women of color. However, some did wear them with the “dress” of their clothing, which is why they wouldn’t necessarily be called pants. Also, there was still a pink pantaloon skirt that women wore when they worked in factories and other “working-class” areas that had white or color-coded work uniforms.
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The only time white pants actually came in black is when someone had to wear colored work underwear.

White Pants

White Pants in the 19th Century and Early 20th

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