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Blue and yellow. Who wore red, black or white? People of color. And who is your favorite race? Hispanic. In the 80’s, Hispanics/Latinos wore red, black and white. But now, they never wear black.

I want to be a part of a movement that will help people see that color is part of how we are.

I’d love it if you would consider wearing our colors. If you would give us your support in doing so.

Please do consider wearing our logo on your clothing.

Please do consider wearing our merchandise.

If you would like to donate items to the Women’s & Children’s Museum of Chicago and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, please contact us at or 312-865-6200. Thank you for thinking of us at a time when so many women continue to be denied equal dignity in our own communities.


Carol Kohn

This post originally appeared on Business Insider.

The next time Amazon sells you a “gift” for your baby—say, a gift basket of toys, games, and a toy truck with a baby seat—you may want your baby to stay home on the couch.

At least, that’s what the website, Gizmodo, thinks, since it recently conducted its own study using the website’s “parent test” tool to see which toys best matched a baby’s age, behavior, and mood.

The report includes this fun tidbit from the study:

The biggest predictor of parents being open to giving toys, games, and other playtime to an older infant was if they had been playing with someone their own age, and if they had expressed their happiness with the experience. If they had never had a child under three years of age, or if they had more than one child, then those who had been playing with the same people in that age range tended to be the ones who got the worst results when it came to picking out their gifts.

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So now that you know that giving toys, games, and other random fun things to your baby might be best kept to a bare minimum for the first few months of his existence, why would you actually give them away to a young child? Because the study reveals that parents are probably not giving kids their birthday presents, they are giving them free stuff.

The report also reports that:

Giving children things they don’t want

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