How do you make a flapper dress out of at shirt? – 20S Flapper Dress Transparent Dress Gown Elegant

Well I make mine by wearing them like this…
I usually wear a flannel shirt and skirt or tank top. 
When I was growing up I also did a big skirt and made a top out of that. 
After this was my very first flapper style dress. 
You can see here a few of my dresses that I made in flapper style. 
So what’s your favorite way to wear a flapper style dress?
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It’s the latest chapter of America’s great love/hate relationship with marijuana: The federal government wants to ban the drug, but millions (including many people in Congress) want it legalized.

For example, the National Association of Attorneys General, which represents 10,000 state attorneys general, issued a call for more research in late March on the legalization of marijuana by the state.

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama’s Justice Department announced new restrictions on marijuana, which will limit federal funding for research on the drug. But the DEA has said there’s been insufficient evidence to go forward with that research and would not change the stance on marijuana enforcement.

In response to the new restrictions, some activists — including Michael Collins of the nonprofit Campaign to end Marijuana Prohibition — are urging Congress to change the Marijuana Tax Act to allow medical marijuana.

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A man was robbed on the subway this afternoon in the Bronx, and there’s reason to believe that it’s an unsolved crime.

A man got into a fight with a woman just before 2pm near 34th Street and Roosevelt Avenue in the Bronx, and the woman took a piece of the man’s shirt, Metro-New York reports. The man tried to get away from the woman, but she followed him, pushing him onto the tracks and pulling out a knife before the attacker ran to a nearby Coney Island train station.

A train operator called 911 and told authorities who were heading the other direction to “Get down!” which they did. After the cops arrived, they handcuffed the assailant and transported him to Kings County Hospital, where he’s being treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

The next president needs to figure out how to create jobs. It’s the top issue in this election. Republicans have vowed to cut federal spending and slash taxes, but what’s more important

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