How do you dress like a 1920s flapper? – Plus Size Roaring 20’S Flapper Dresses

I had a very feminine feeling to it. I like to have a feminine look when I wear dresses. I like to have a great taper line, so you don’t see the hair too far down my back.

I’m an independent girl, I wear what I like; I’m not that model who dresses up all the time or anything like that. I try to take it one step at a time.

Which clothes have you worn on the road?

I wore dresses in LA for the first night and that was kind of like being in school in that way, so that was fun.

What were the best clothes to wear during your shows?

Probably what I wear to the airport, but I had a really special pair of shoes I’ve always wanted. I also bought some black trousers with a little bit of padding on the bottom so that there’s no bulging so you don’t just show everything.

I have this one pair of shoes called the French Stiff, they have little holes at the bottom where you can put in some material. I’ve had these for a few years. They’re really comfortable. I don’t know if anyone has ever noticed it before but I like the way they move when I wear them.

Weirdest thing about your look

I can’t imagine being able to wear the outfits as much as I do. I have a lot of really good outfits and they don’t really work. But I’m the type of woman that tries to wear lots of items of clothing and still look good.

Are you going for the ’90s?

No, I’m looking for more contemporary. I love something like this or maybe a vintage look for a few days, then get back to my favorite clothes.

What’s your biggest challenge, and why?

In a sense, I don’t have a challenge. I just have to not be afraid to take a risk. The only thing that keeps me on my toes is the idea of what is going to happen.

What does it take for you to stay in top shape?

I do try to eat healthy and have good sleeping habits and do my exercises. The other thing that keeps me fit is to keep my body moving to stay in shape.

Where can people find you?

I’m just a regular mom going on about my mom and dad. I’m going to talk a lot about that and show that with each

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