How do you do finger waves in short hair? – Roaring 20S Flapper Dresses

It would be a bit of a difficult task to make a finger wave with short hair. There is something to be said about just sitting like before and applying weight with the hair and then moving the hair around a bit. You can feel the pressure in your fingers.

If a person’s finger waves were to resemble those in the picture below, it’s easy to understand how these finger waves could be created.
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And what are this finger waves being used for?

Most of the time I use this as a teaching tool and it’s used in every class for finger teaching. I’m not sure what this is being used for in class, but if it’s not for instruction I don’t find it really useful. It can be used for learning new ways to apply weight, or other exercises.

How do you get a finger in the correct position?

I think this is one of the trickiest things to do with finger movements. Usually, the movement doesn’t involve the top finger, so using it here seems like it wouldn’t be too hard to do. The reason it’s possible is because the finger is not directly behind the hand. In other words, the finger has a lot of room for the hand to move freely. It is possible to get a finger in that position, but it’s not easy to get it in the correct position. How do you get a finger positioned where it’s needed? If you have a flat hand in your palm for example, and move your fingers around, your hand will not be able to go back into its position and you will end up with an odd looking finger!

That doesn’t sound like a problem for you. Well, as a matter of fact it is. The problem is that you will still be able to feel the finger in the wrong position. You can feel it at this point or in the next one to two seconds.

Another thing of note is that the top of your finger will have a lot of space for the hand to move. At that point you can move your fingers slightly in just the right way to get the finger in the correct position. This gives you time to practice this movement.

How do you get a finger from its correct position to its natural position?

Now, as you can probably see from all of the little pictures below, the problem here is there isn’t really a perfect point where your finger reaches its correct position or natural position. Often the fingers are in the middle of the palms

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