How do you do finger waves in short hair? – 1920S Flapper Dresses Plus Size

We have tried a host of “natural” or “no-bake” hair care products, but we were completely overwhelmed by the variety of ways to get our hair soft, so we decided to make a “one-and-done” guide. We hope that our tips and tricks will help you get the smooth, shiny, curly hair you want—in a matter of minutes!

Start by cleansing your hair: use the lather and rinse option. After washing, dry your hair in the shower and then comb your hair through the towel twice—so that it’s perfectly coated and evenly wet.

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Keep your brush on

Don’t let your brush fall off. The hair is fragile and you want to be careful not to pull it off too much.

Before you start applying products

Let hair air dry: you want to ensure your hair is loose but not dry. It will be much easier to work with this way.

Your hair needs to be wet but not yet damp

Your first step should be to apply a natural-looking shampoo, conditioner, or gel to all your hair’s areas with ease. We use:

Hive Oil

Razor Oil

Hair Wash

Leave your hair just damp with the rest of the liquid.

Don’t overdo it

You want your hair to be perfectly wet for this step—and you should not over-saturate your hair. Remember that your hair grows and needs a little room to develop and grow into the desired shape.

After you’ve applied your natural-looking hair care products, wash your hair with mild products until it was completely dry.

What to avoid

We haven’t found any products that can be used under both warm and cold water (so that the water doesn’t affect your hair, but the hair does).

Keep your hair warm

If you are applying your natural-looking products while your hair is still damp, you’ll be doing more harm than good. Even a hair dryer will soften hair, but it won’t completely dry the hair. To avoid any dryness, let your hair air dry during the time we’re going to apply our products if possible.

Hair and hair care tips

There are lots of ways to style your hair. This hair and hair care guide is just one more thing you can do in order to get your hair shiny and straight. If you know how to cut a

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