How do you do 20s curls? – Red Flapper Dress Modest

When I was working with Greg (Schaefer) one of the things that he and I talked about is the specificity of doing the curls in the set based upon your goal and to have good movement throughout the movement. So, if we’re doing five sets of 5 in the deadlift for example that’s really good, we can have some movement in every set of deadlifts and we’re not going to be able to do a great warm up set so we have to be really specific about that and that’s what my routine is. We only do five sets of 5 for most of the week because I have the flexibility and I can do them in sets because of my flexibility so I’m able to get away with the five sets with heavy weights.

Does it get easier at the end of the week or the beginning of the week?

Every set of 5 is really difficult now. You don’t even want to do all of ’em. But you’re really going in every set, which is one thing that you want to do. Like everyone in a Power Rack or one of those programs is going to get better the week after because after you do two exercises you’re going to be doing some kind of bodyweight stuff and you’re going to be adding weight so that the next week there’s no reason why you have to do 5 sets of 5 on every set, which usually means you’re going to get all of the reps you are supposed to and then you’re going to finish off your set by just pushing in the next rep. After that you’re going to go back into warm-ups as if it’s not your first rep. So it’s one thing you want to do because you can have a great rest before it is your first and it’s your second and it’s your third and you feel like you’ve progressed a lot and that’s a really important part of the routine that you just want it to be really great this first week. After that you’re going to do the rest and be really good.

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What is the best warm up routine you have?

Well I’m kind of an old schooler when it comes to warm up routines. I don’t like doing a lot of warm up sets and being really hard on it but I will do a lot of high intensity sets on a routine. If I think the weight is going to be that hard I’ll do high intensity sets. I would do five sets of 5 on deadlift or in one rep for power rack rows

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