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That’s what I decided to test. I used my favorite name of “Woodshop Master Class” a good number of years ago. Then they used my favorite name of “Staples Woodworking.” That’s what I’m going for. I think they are good name, but I don’t use them anymore because I want to see some real good wood. The “WoodShop Master Class” name stuck, so I will do the same with my new business. I will offer woodworking classes all the way from $50 – $100 per class, depending on the level of woodworking.

I want to give woodworkers a safe and honest place to shop, learn techniques from the master, and to build a woodworking business that lasts. I want to share the best advice I’ve had on building, selling, and buying solid wood from some of the best woodworkers on the planet. My class is a good place for novice woodworkers to start. I’ll teach you the essentials of woodworking skills and techniques as well as helping you create a real woodworking business.
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I offer a wide range of workshops, classes, and workshops. In addition to classes, I offer more than 20 different workshops from different areas of expertise. My classes sell out all the time. I want to help people find the best woodworking school. There are a lot of good woodworking schools out there, but I don’t want to be the place where all those great students go to get a great woodworking school. In my classes I want to help people learn the very basics of woodworking. That’s what I’m all about and I believe you’ll want to be my customer if you become one. If you come to a class that does not sell, get a refund for your money.

We offer courses on all major equipment and techniques needed if you are serious about running a business with solid wood. If you are a seasoned woodworker looking for some quick learning materials to get started with solid wood, then this is for you!

For those of you who are new to woodworking, you might want to find a class or two for beginners. My courses have beginners in woodworking for all skills. I also offer beginners for their woodworking fundamentals. There is no limit to what kind of person is going to love this. If you were just starting with woodworking and are looking for some lessons, this is the class you’ve been looking for. We have a few lessons per week, so it will be a great

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