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I’m an avid video game player who also is pretty keen on the idea of running a small business of my own. But this hasn’t been easy. The cost of building new hardware is high, especially when you’re just starting out. It has been difficult to get game hardware that I was comfortable recommending to others.

So it’s been hard to find games I’m comfortable spending my money on. That’s why I’m really happy to announce that in the next two weeks, I’ll be running the first ever Game Developer Boot Camp in the Netherlands. It’s a course that allows aspiring game developers to learn how to build game hardware.

The purpose of the course is to get developers up and running with their devices, to get them interested in hardware.

Starting at the €40,000 (US$51,000) budget (including the costs of bringing in people, paying the fees for the local hardware partners and the local software suppliers we’re working with), we’ll spend a week teaching our attendees how to program their own devices. We’ll also be giving the participants a chance to get their hands wet with Unity 3D development.

At €50,000 we can build custom-designed gaming devices for the attendees (for example, they could play their first game using our new hardware). You can think of us like a bootcamp in a nutshell. The participants will have the opportunity to build their own devices and then, for half the price – and the same amount of time – we’ll take it from there. This is the only way to get your hands dirty with making your own games, right from the start. It gives participants the opportunity to learn from other successful game makers like yours truly. You can see an example of this at our Kickstarter.

Our first device being built will look something like your standard mobile phone joystick. It will look like it’s been designed to be used with a game controller, and have a number of buttons and a few different levels of difficulty.

One interesting thing about our hardware. We’re going to use a Raspberry Pi as the platform for our bootcamp. We’ll be working with some excellent hardware partners to make sure we can get it right for the Dutch Boot Camp. The Raspberry Pi is one of the most powerful computer hardware on the market, which has great potential for the future of hardware.

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If you’re interested in joining our Bootcamp, you can take a look at the schedule below, download the course plan for your own device

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