Can roulette dealers control the ball? – Online Roulette Wheel Layout Cardboard

An answer to that question is simple: a Roulette Dealer is merely a medium for a player to obtain a casino’s “red-flag” (an advantage) – either by making a single move in the roulette wheel or by placing a “hot” bet on that move at the casino. Such control cannot be exercised if it is not possible for the player to place a single or a series of “hot” bets (hotbetting) – for that can only be done with another player’s knowledge and permission (a Player’s License, or P.L. – see table below).


A player rolls a roulette six times. Only each of the four dice are “hot” or “hot-high” – which indicates that a bet of $10 is placed at the dealer (see table below). If the player rolls a $0.02 bet at the dealer’s table, he loses $10. If the game is “blind,” such as on an American roulette table with no chance of a $100 edge, such wagers are simply not possible and the player would lose everything from the $10 bet to his whole pool.


A player rolls the same roulette as above six times, and if the player rolls a $0.10 bet on the first two (two “hot” bets, like the first two), he wins $10. If he picks a $1 bet at the dealer’s table, he gains nothing.

The table below shows all the combinations on one “hand” of the same roulette as above, in a “blind” game (with no odds of any kind).

All the games show the same “hand” (game) – the “hand” is determined by all the available “hot” bets. At any one time in time – a player may be able to take any of the four “hot” bets offered by the dealer. Of course, the dealer offers other bets, but he is the only player who can offer or limit “hot” bets to that player.

Table: Game Hand Combinations

A player rolls the roulette, but only a single “hot” or high bet ($10) is on the table. Does the game tell us what the player would “have won” at the dealer’s table – in terms of a $10 bet or at “blackjack” (an odds game)?

The answer is – of course not! (As

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