What is moon face? – Acv Smoothies Weight Loss

Moon face means you have some kind of facial symmetry between an upward facing up and downward facing down line, either vertical or horizontal. It has a strong influence on the shape of your nose and face. It’s a common facial shape for men and a common facial shape for women.

Men are more prone to moon face. Women are more prone to horizontal eye.

Why do I have a moon face?

As you can see in the photos below, it is not because I have a full moon in my face! For years, I tried to cover up the moon mark in my face by using makeup with powder which gave me that slightly raised eye shape. Eventually, the powder became irritating so I was advised to try removing the powder with ointment from a facial pack (see below). The ointment did the trick. Now I have no problem with a high moon mark with a normal face

What’s a face mask?

A face mask refers to anything you apply over your skin to try and disguise a problem. Some will use a mask to clear up redness, blemishes and other problems. Others (like me) will use a face mask as part of a routine (in the absence of real remedies, like cleansing products) to clear up any dark spots or irritation. That means you can apply a skin cleanser to clear up any redness, blemishes or a little bit of irritation. When you are using a face mask, the most important thing is to be careful in how you apply as some masks are very sticky and some are very easily absorbable.

This was my face mask from before I put on my mask. This was more of a mask than a cleansing product.

How to avoid a moon face?

I recommend being very careful with any kind of mask! It’s all too easy to let one go over your skin when you are applying it. Most people, especially younger ones in terms of cosmetics, don’t remember what it was like to go through the life stages of acne, blemishes and wrinkles. You don’t want to create a cycle of that when you are applying a mask – especially on a very sensitive skin. And if you don’t know what it was like to develop spots you are going to be too scared to let it go.

I recommend using a facial care mask that’s non-foaming and non-comedogenic (no comedones). Even though these things will help to clear up most

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