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“It’s all about getting your body to burn off the extra calories. I use the ketone ester as the primary energy booster to keep my metabolism going to keep burning body fat (not fat tissue, which is a different matter completely!)

“It doesn’t matter how you do it, I will teach you how to lose weight in 1 day in one of my 3-day-weight-loss-programs using the ketogenic diet!

“You need to lose fat cells (calorie burners). The following are fat cell sources to help cut calories and get weight loss in 1 day:

– Beef liver

– White bread, rye or brown rice

– Eggs whites

– Chicken breast

– Oats

– Milk (1/2/3 cup)

The ketogenic diet is a complete lifestyle; you will need to be familiar with proper diets like a vegetarian diet, paleo-nutrition, whole grain and a good carb intake.

Is it safe?

I won’t get into nutrition and health for all of you. The ketogenic diet is not “natural” or “healthy” food, it has been proven to cause brain and organ damage, is unhealthy and can be fatal. In addition, the ketogenic diet is not supported by medical science.

Here’s the best information you should know about the Ketogenic Diet and how it impacts your body. I’ll provide that information when you purchase the ebook!

What is the Ketogenic Diet?

Ketogenic diet is the most effective way to lose weight and get healthy. It’s also the easiest diet plan you can eat that will really work. The process of eating keto is as simple as it gets.

“The Ketogenic Diet.

What it basically is: A complete lifestyle that helps to burn off food and energy. In other words:

– No carbohydrates, including sugar, in your diet

– Reduced total daily calories to 300-400

– Eat at least 5 – 6 small meals daily

– Do not snack (less than 1 cup per day)

I am not the only one who believes Keto is a must.

See my Keto page and the keto diet article (Keto Diet for Dummies, How much fat do dieters need and can a ketogenic diet affect your health?) for free.
Tente não engasgar quando ver como eles estão agora

Why do you do the Ketogenic Diet?

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