How can I decrease my waist size? – History Of Dieting For Weight Loss

It’s pretty difficult, no doubt. Here’s a few pointers, including how to find a doctor who can help you:

1. Start slowly — no large, dramatic change for good! You will need to follow the advice of your doctor, and be persistent enough to see results. Even small changes can change your body composition.

2. Start eating less. The most common cause of weight gain and failure to lose fat is eating too much! Try to eat 1 to 2 portions fewer per day. The more you can take in — with the right foods, at the right time, at the right amount of calories — the less you’ll gain.

3. Cut down on your calories. Try eliminating all refined carbohydrates and sugars, dairy products, white meat, and white bread.

4. Eat less fat than normal. Cutting fat from your diet dramatically lowers its absorption, so it can be harder to reverse the effect if you’re trying to gain weight. There may be plenty more fat for those of us who have already lost the most weight.

5. Exercise regularly, especially at night. There’s a reason why exercise burns muscle, so your muscles need to be burning. Plus many of the physical and mental benefits of going exercise — from improved memory to decreased stress — come from its role in losing body fat.

7. Get enough sleep on good nights and bad nights. Too little sleep can cause problems like depression (especially if you do it too often) or headaches, and too much can actually make it harder to gain muscle.

8. Eat foods that will support your hormonal balance, which helps the body stay lean. The best way is to eat lots of proteins, healthy fats, and vegetables, which are all known to increase appetite!

9. Stay hydrated. Not drinking enough water can cause a number of problems, ranging from fatigue to constipation. There’s even evidence that excess drinking can lead to weight gain.

10. Try a different fitness regime. Different movements, like swimming, biking, or weight training, can have a big impact on your health. Also remember that exercise doesn’t have to be a chore, it can give you pleasure! The key is that it’s a fun way to fit more into your daily life. And a good diet can go a long way here too.

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