Where did graffiti start? – Spray Paint Art Techniques Explained Pirates Narrator

In Paris in 1575 when a group of writers and painters put down the word ‘Souci.’ What was that all about?

It’s a metaphor. You’re in a city. It’s in your face. If you’re in a car, it’s in your grill. It doesn’t mean anything to you. You might not understand it when I say it. When I was working on the book I was working with this concept, which was that you can’t put everything in your face. I think you’re supposed to put things in your mind, or in your heart, but you’re not supposed to put them in your face. We had this idea to say, “This is what street style looks like.” It was like, “Is that how graffiti started?” When you do it on a street you’re looking at it, but to me, when you do it in a room, your brain is sort of in the way. It takes a while to get your point across.

How do you make graffiti come alive during the day?

So much of the process of graffiti goes back to that, where you can paint in a room and feel you got a great sketch on the back end, whereas sometimes you have to go into a room and do the same thing. For me, the process of creating the story and then painting in a room is pretty much the same process as I think. A lot of the stuff I like to do is from that process. My process is a little bit different. I prefer to do it when it’s a bit more relaxed because I get to explore things. A lot of graffiti I’ve seen is written in a big room. As soon as I get outside, I find it to be really difficult. When it’s done, you feel like you’re doing something. All this stuff takes a long time on the wall. It’s really, really stressful.

What’s it like to work with people who have a different style?

I’ve worked with people who are quite different. I was hanging out with a guy who was doing these old style faces, which I thought was incredible. His style is just in a completely different way. I was painting on a wall right next to it. I was like, “We’ll come into this room and have a really nice time.” His room was this huge space, and the wall was about 10 feet high. His window was five or six feet high.

I’ve actually seen some of

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