What type of paint is Krylon Fusion? – Street Spray Paint Art Demonstrations Marjolein Bastin

The paint used on my bike is called Fusion Paint. It’s designed to be an extremely durable and resilient paint, but only if the paint is properly prepped and laid out. Fusion Paint is the same paint used on all of my bikes, so it’s a must have, especially if you are going to paint with a paint stripper and apply it to the bike frame.

How much paint should I invest in to get this durable bike to last? Or will using Krylon Fusion really make my bike ride at a higher level?

The amount of paint you need depend on the durability of your bike. You will always want more durability though but a high layer of paint will still make a high quality finished product. The other option for spending more on paint is to use a very strong and durable high-performance paint system (such as Krylon’s SuperLok) to ensure that your bike always looks and performs in its best. That system can cost extra money though, so if you need to decide if you need a higher volume of paint or a paint system, think about it before committing to something like this.

Do I need a top coat?

Top coats do give your paint a glossy, shiney finish but can sometimes make your paint work less well. For this reason, if you are going to paint with Krylon Fusion you will need to use a paint stripper to apply paint to the frame.

How do I install the paint?

The paint will be installed using a Krylon 3-in-1 top coat and a Krylon 1-in-1 adhesive pad.

How long will my bike last?

While you do not typically need to worry about the amount of paint you are painting on your bike and how long it will last, if you have a frame that has very high wear and tear, you might want to consider investing in some paint to protect your paint from the elements.

Should I replace my existing paint or take this bike apart to change paint?

There’s no right or wrong answer here, and either way you should probably consider the other options first. A frame like mine might be easy to paint with a paint stripper but that could be a problem for a bike with a lot of older paint on it as it may not be able to bond well.

If you are going to take this bike apart and start painting it, you may want to consider getting a good quality metal paint stripper, because when

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