Is there a spray dye for fabric? – Spray Paint Picture

What does it look like?

We can now get started making the fabric sprays! We recently found another site that was selling a dye and a spray dye kit. The kit contains a dye and an aerosol sprayer, so we ordered the kits from them.

Once we placed our purchase through the site, we were emailed instructions for the dye and the spray dye. Here’s what we had to do:

Make two coats of our favorite fabric- and let it dry.

Pour a couple bottles of the dye into about a gallon of dishwater.

Pour the remaining water back into the dishwater and let it sit for about seven hours or so.

Now you’re ready to spray! Fill the aerosol sprayer with about a gallon’s worth of water and get ready to spray! Use your fingers to help guide you as you spray the fabric spray.

We went right to work. The fabric sprays are much more fun if you create them on a white background. The photo below shows the finish on a bright white fabric. The spray was much more impressive with a bright blue fabric.

Why use fabric spray?

The fabric spray works well because it won’t be on the fabric and the spray can dry long enough to get the effect you want. You can also use fabric spray as a base coat to add a bit of color or a touch of shine. A single coat will go so well with the fabric spray, we did two coats.

I’m excited to see what else people will do with this technique. Please share in the comments below!

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